Lemon Myrtle Essentials

certified organic . natural . bioactive . emotionally uplifting . a treat to the senses . naturally anti bacterial . refreshing . calming



Yes, we do ship around the world regularly. Currency is in AUD (Australian Dollar). For currency exchange click here

Shipping: when you add a product to your cart, the new page that opens allows you to choose your region and calculate the shipping.

Save on shipping by ordering 2 sets of Molluscum Trio for the one shipping cost! (Many people do find they need to reorder or have a spare set as backup)

p/s Essential oils and Balms - save on shipping by ordering multiples - up to 9 essential oils or up to 15 balms for the same shipping as one item!


We ship worldwide, mostly to Europe/UK, USA, Canada, Asia. Just enter your region in the shopping cart and click "recalculate" to obtain a shipping cost. Shipping to Europe/UK, USA and Canada takes about 2 weeks. Please allow 1 week in Australia. These are estimates only , and we do our best to expedite your orders, but please be patient as we are only a small company and Australia is so far away from everywhere else! .

For Molluscum Trios - we can do express shipping in Australia where required, for $5 extra (NOTE: This is for Australia and for Molluscum Trios only). Express shipping will take about 3-4 days compared to 7-8 days for standard shipping(including packing & handling time) as we are based in a rural area of Victoria.

Express shipping option (Australia only) for Molluscum Trio- add $5


Our shipping charges within Australia explained:

We average the cost of shipping across all states, so that regardless of whether you order from WA or Victoria, you will pay the same charge. We hope you understand our intention of making shipping uniform for all Australians. Shipping includes postage, insurance and packing/handling charges.

To make it more cost-effective for yourself, you can order multiple items of the smaller products - for example $10 shipping covers you for up to 9 Essential Oils or up to 15 Soothing Balms.


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