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here is where we have our limited "edition" products.  They may have been inspired by a situation, a need, a special order or just a whim. they hit the spot, so grab them while you can!

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Lemon Myrtle natural "triple whammy" hand sanitizer

$20 / 50ml

Lemon Myrtle Triple Whammy Hand Sanitizer
out of stock

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We created this for our family to stay safe.  We didn't want to use chemicals that would not only dry our hands, but destroy the good bugs along with the bad bugs. 

It's non-drying to hands, and a little goes a long way. 

It's important to use as natural ingredients as possible, to minimise the collateral damage of harming our skin's natural microbiome. 

So here's a natural spray that combines 3 powerful natural anti-microbials - organic lemon myrtle, ionic silver and alcohol.  It does the job, is so refreshingly aromatic, and  smells divine.

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